Is Your Criminal Defense Attorney Honest, Reputable and Experienced?

You'll appreciate working with our criminal law firm in Coral Gables, FL

When you need to build a strong defense against serious criminal charges, you can't afford mediocre representation. The Law Office of Javier A. Gonzalez, P.A is an advocate for adult and juvenile offenders in Coral Gables, FL and surrounding areas. Our lead criminal defense attorney has years of experience and has built his practice on referrals.

Our criminal law office can represent you if you've been accused of a crime or delinquent act, including...

  • A traffic violation: Driving under the influence (DUI) or with a suspended license | Speeding | Illegal passing
  • Obstruction of justice: Resisting arrest | Disobeying a lawful order | Accessory after the fact
  • A nonviolent offense: Burglary | Possession of drugs or paraphernalia | Loitering, prowling or trespassing
  • A violent offense: Robbery | Assault | Disorderly conduct | Spousal battery
Tell us about the charges you're facing so we can begin building your defense. Call 305-917-5284 today to speak with our criminal defense attorney.

Find out how you could wipe the slate clean

Find out how you could wipe the slate clean

Has your arrest record prevented you from securing a job, applying for a loan or traveling? You could expunge or seal your record if you...

  • Haven't been convicted or found delinquent of certain violent crimes
  • Aren't under probation, house arrest or other court supervision
  • Haven't expunged or sealed your record in Florida before
If you're not sure if you qualify for expungement or want to start the record sealing process, talk with a criminal law attorney in Coral Gables, Florida. Contact the Law Office of Javier A. Gonzalez, P.A today.